This site is now permanently dedicated to my son Tye.
Our lives will never be the same or as enriched my beloved son - your loving Dad.
There are more photos under the personal folder too
 Tye Christian Rutherford Gibbs
 A nightmare from which there is no escape. As night heads to day , you wish its not true.

Sleep will not come as time stops still and the memories and shock filter through.

Nights rain pours down as if trying to wash the pain and agony aside, but from this there no escape.

Fly free angel , God awaits you my precious son and through the nights thunder I hear you call.

Wait not long as I shall follow soon but warm the seat and light the way so I may follow instead of where I should have led.

Be not afraid as he will take your hand, a moment we had so short so treasured forever etched in our hearts and minds

Heart torn and rendered opened, so please rest this weary broken soul, but the one who comes dear Lord is special , bless him , and keep him close and hold him like I , till we are all again as one

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